Temporary Works Design

Temporary Works Design

Many construction sites need temporary work in order to facilitate permanent works construction. Temporary works design is an area of specialist engineering and an innovative, but rigorous approach is required. It is also an area of high risk, with failure of temporary access platforms observed far too often. Improper temporary works design can cause significant risks including the failure of temporary and permanent works and/or damage to adjacent premises. 

Geoporte provides geotechnical temporary works design for all types of engineering projects. Part of every package we deliver is listening to our clients to understand what is important for them and working with them to develop solutions that best meet their needs. We understand that each project and situation is different, and tailoring solutions that fit with the conditions and constraints. We evaluate options and alternatives and work with our clients to develop preferred options for delivery.

The design process is far more than the analytical work. Our approach to temporary works design starts with an Engineering Geological Model and the approach for design. We will look for opportunities save on temporary works, such the use of risk-based criteria or short term design parameters, rather than always relying purely on standard approaches.

Our capabilities relating to temporary works includes:

  • Slope stability assessments.
  • Soil and rock cut slope support.
  • Excavation retention (e.g. soil nails, piles, sheet piles, retaining walls, anchors).
  • Foundations (e.g. tower cranes, scaffolding).
  • Cofferdams and earth embankment dams.
  • Working platforms for piling rigs and cranes.
  • Hardstands and construction platforms.
  • Earthworks and embankments, including steepened slopes.
  • Site investigations and ground model development.
  • Construction stage monitoring, assessment and advice.

Where required, we will engage with other specialist design disciplines to provide as complete temporary works design service.