Road Subgrade Assessment and Design

Pavement analysis and design are often carried out for the construction of new roads within new residential and industrial subdivisions; which may include, roundabouts, car parks, industrial hardstand areas, and bus stops. These may include flexible and rigid (concrete) pavements. At Geoporte, our specialists provide services related to scoping of ground investigations to assess pavement subgrade conditions and interpret the test data to come up with the required subgrade strength and stiffness parameters that the pavement designer requires to design the pavement. At times, in poor ground conditions our specialists have to recommend subgrade improvement options to improve strength and stiffness characteristics of sub-grade so that pavements do not fail or undergo excessive settlements.

Geoporte can also undertake pavement evaluations on existing pavements for assessment of road, pavement material and subgrade conditions and for the design of asphalt overlay.

Road rollers building the new asphalt road