Foundation design​

Foundation design

Having the right Concept Design for the foundation and retention system can be the difference between winning and losing a major bid. Having a buildable concept design once you have secured the project, can have a major impact on the ability of the project to be successfully delivered. At Geoporte, we understand the link between concept design, detailed design and construction.

Geoporte’s design and construction experience means that we understand that winning and delivering successful foundation projects involves a number of key ingredients:

Understanding the overall needs of the project – the requirements of the owner, the community, the structure and the environment in which it must be constructed;

Understanding the key areas of risk and reward – program, durability and serviceability of the structure, site access, groundwater and ground conditions;

By understanding the key drivers for the project the right design approach and construction technique can be selected. Our solutions are tailored to minimise construction time, cost and risk whilst still meeting, or exceeding the project performance criteria.

We provide the following services related to foundations:

  • Detailed, Concept and Tender Design
  • Deep foundations
  • Earth Retention Structures
  • Ground Improvement
  • Design optimization
  • Peer Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Procurement Advice