Earthworks Design

Earthworks Design

Before construction, developers often require groundwork to create a suitable landform for their project. Sites may contain natural or man-made constraints to development, such as foundations from previous structures, or geotechnically and environmentally unsuitable materials. Reprofiling may also be required to provide suitable construction platforms.

Earthworks design identifies and specifies the required works to address these problems and to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions that prioritise the maximum, appropriate reuse of site materials.

Geoporte’s specialists provide an integrated team of earthworks design specialists applying a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to offer solutions to complex in-ground challenges.

Geoporte offers services for sites with ground conditions or locations that prove particularly challenging, such as former landfills and cliff/ slope faces, as well as integrating the earthworks and infrastructure designs.

We provide Earthworks consulting including Level 1 and Level 2 Sampling, Inspection & Testing (AS3798), material compliance testing and detailed earthworks processes such as landfill capping or wetland construction

Geoporte provides the following services:

  • Working Platform Design and Verification
  • Compaction Control
  • Buried Pipes
  • Subgrade Assessment
  • Specifications
  • Expansive Clays
  • Residual soils